January 13, 2017
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the event.
We welcome you to our 71st Anniversary!  Please support the Gloves with advertising your business starting at $200.  We support many Greater Lowell Charities with funds raised from the Gloves.  SEASON TICKET PACKAGES STARTING @ $75 for our 71st Year! Reach out to the Lowell Memorial Auditorium Box Office at (978) 937-8688
Please follow our twitter feed @LowellGloves or our facebook page Lowell Golden Gloves
Do you want to train to fight?  Contact -  Director of Contestants  -  Art Ramalho  978-937-3771
5 for $50” – 5 nights of Golden Gloves Championship boxing for $50
Package includes
*Central New England Championship Finals (Feb 9)
*All New England Novice Tournament of Champions
Semi Finals (Feb 16)
Championship Finals (Feb 23)
*All New England Open Class Tournament of Champions
Semi Finals (March 1)
Championship Finals (March 2)

Photo by Lowell's Sergio Velazquez
Photo by Lowell's Sergio Velazquez
Every year in the Golden Gloves there is a new flock of boxers trying to work their way up from the bottom in hopes of advancing there way to top of the competition. The Gloves has been a tradition in New England since 1947 and sells out the Lowell Memorial Auditorium every year. "It's only there to give kids a way out of a lifestyle and to promote the sport of boxing along with good health, good training, exercise and confidence."  

When you win the Golden Gloves, you don't get paid, you get the respect of your community; that's very important to a young kid, as it gives them confidence to build their life upon.

Lowell, Massachusetts has a great tradition of boxing dating back 68 years ago. When you go to a Golden Gloves show in Lowell, you know that it is unlike other boxing shows or any other sporting event in general. There is electricity in the air, fans get a certain charge when they watch these fighters give every ounce of themselves for something that can't be seen or touched.  

This yearly event to the combatants is that, it's not about prizes; it's about pride. Many of the fighters who range in age from 17-34, are not even on a path to the pros or even the Olympics -- they are simply there to say they fought in the Golden Gloves.
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